The story begins when I became an empty nester and owning a dog first entered my thoughts. I read a few books, researched the Airedale breed and identified Stone Ridge Airedales and Janet Framke as a breeder. I called, introduced myself and after a brief conversation regarding time and commitment, Janet suggested I take some time and when I was ready, to call her back. Five years later, after puppy sitting for my son's rescue several times, I called Janet back!

Pippa was one of six puppies born November 14, 2007. In January 2008, my friend Sara Streich volunteered to accompany me to Janet Framke's to "pick out my new puppy". Janet said it was a nice litter, very uniform and I should pick the pup I liked and, Sara agreed with my pick. When I brought Pippa home, my life was never to be the same. I thought I was bringing home a new family member, a companion to share walks to the park, play fetch and other games, and share my space. By the time she was eight months old, it became evident from the people stopping us on our walks, that Pippa may have the potential of being something more than "just my pal." Once again, I called Janet and she suggested that "if I was curious", I should have Pippa evaluated.

In September 2008, I secured the handling services of Huntwood Kennel and in late December 2008, Pippa’s conformation career began.

In February 2009, at the International Kennel Club show held in Chicago, Pippa received her champion status and by May 2009, Pippa was ranked the number one Airedale bitch in America.

February 2010 brought Pippa an invitation to Westminster where she was awarded Best of Opposite. After that acknowledgement, Pippa came home to be "just my pal" again and prepared to become a Mom. Pippa has produced three wonderful litters. On June 15, 2010, November 14, 2011 and May 22, 2012, Pippa presented us with 10, 9 and 6 healthy, happy and beautiful puppies.

Between Pippa's first and second litter, she briefly went back in the ring, earned her GCH, AOM at the ATCA National Specialty held in Montgomery County PA, Brood Bitch at the Airedale Terrier Club of Illinois Specialty and finished the year ranked sixth in Airedale Terrier All Breed.

The success that has been realized by Pippa and now her offspring could not have been possible if not for the dedicated Airedale breeders evident in their pedigrees. We stand on the shoulders of Stone Ridge, Moraine, ReydaleTerrydale, Huntwood, Evermay, Joval, Hollytroy, Timberwyck, Stirling and more and, can only say, THANK YOU!

This journey continues due to the support of family and friends (both old and new), breeders and handlers. We are indebted and thank everyone.
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Toby: Tobs - My son's nickname + Linn (Linløkken): My wonderful family.
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